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BCCM Catches QuickDraw’s Quirky Turkey Inspector on Video

Cinema quality video production is just one of the tools BCCM puts in action to make its clients superstars of the digital universe. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, BCCM’s creative team worked with QuickDraw Fund Control to produce a series of lighthearted videos featuring QuickDraw Founder Greg Norris as a quirky “Turkey Inspector.” 

As an intermediary between lenders and borrowers in the construction fund control process, construction site inspections are a routine task for QuickDraw. But BCCM reimagined the ho-hum as, well, something with a “thigh and drum.” 

BCCM filmed Greg, dressed in full turkey regalia, strutting around town and at a construction site, making himself a lovable, if irreverent, nuisance. He encouraged people to “eat more ham,” performed drumstick squats and sailed through a job site on a skateboard. He even perched beside a hand-written sign that read, “Want to see my giblets!”.

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