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Charlotte Allen Advances To Director Of Ops At Big Chief Creative Media

Charlotte Allen, former Operations Manager at Big Chief Creative Media, has been promoted to Director of Operations. This client-facing role was created for Charlotte in response to her leadership during a recent period of rapid growth for the company. Her responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day operations, optimizing employee and contractor performance, developing project strategies, as well as managing and developing client relationships.

Charlotte joined Big Chief seven years ago as a social media coordinator. During that time, she has worked her way up through the company and has held virtually every employee position. As a result, she understands the nuances of Big Chief and its operations, and has developed affirmative relationships with its clients.

“We are always excited to promote from within, and Charlotte’s dedication to her role and her team made her the obvious choice,” said Big Chief Founder Alex Ribble. “There’s no better task manager on the planet as far as I’m concerned, and she already had a terrific rapport with our clients, employees and outside team. Her 7-plus years of hard work put her in this role. She’s earned it.”

Organized and process-oriented, Charlotte is the ideal operations executive in a company of creatives. She believes that growing up in an entrepreneurial family has also contributed to her qualification for the role. “My dad is a business owner, it has given me an understanding of how small businesses work. I don’t mind putting in the long hours and being flexible, wearing multiple hats. If you want to progress as a company, you have to take what’s thrown at you. When you see a hole, you fill it, no matter if you’re at the bottom or in management.”

According to Charlotte, the Big Chief team has responded to pandemic-related challenges by boosting communication both internally and with clients. The result is that the team is stronger than ever and is rising to meet its clients’ increased demand for digital marketing. “Through the pandemic, companies have needed to market so people know they’re still in business — they’re still there. We’ve gained quite a few new clients since 2020, and it’s made us take a look at how we do things as a company. We were pretty traditional before and liked to do strategy meetings face-to-face. We’ve transitioned well to remote operations and look forward to ongoing growth with more internal efficiency. No matter where a client is sitting, they get the same time, attention and quality product.”

The pandemic has also spurred a trend in outsourced marketing. “Our clients are realizing they don’t have to hire a salaried marketing person who is in the office every day,” Charlotte continued. “We can fill that role for them by managing their website, social media marketing and Google marketing, and they can budget per project.”

Big Chief provides comprehensive digital media services to companies in varied business sectors in regions across the U.S. The company has been highly successful in representing home services companies, helping some to expand sufficiently to sell at significant profit.

Whether through website optimization, pay-per-click advertising or social media management, Big Chief helps companies bundle the right services to increase leads and sales. “When someone comes to us with a vision for a website, we bring that vision to life,” Charlotte said. “If they have some crazy idea they want to see go viral, we make it happen. We go above and beyond and use all our resources to manifest our clients’ creative dreams. We adopt the company and bring it into ours — we see it like it’s our company. We learn to think like they do, so we can make sure they succeed.”

For more information about how Big Chief can help you bring your bold voice to the global marketplace, contact us at (714) 794-2226 or info@bigchiefcreative.com.