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Country Star Nate Kenyon Performs Comedic Ballad In Chino Valley Ranchers’ Latest Viral Ad

Big Chief Creative Media is once again cracking up fans with the release of yet another humorous internet ad. 

The commercial, delivered in music video format, is titled “Chicken Scratch.” It features a lovelorn rancher jilted by his favorite chicken, who has flown the coop for Chino Valley. A string of puns delivered in convincing country heartbreak style culminates in the tagline, “The Grass Is Greener at Chino Valley.” 

The song was written and performed by Nathan Kenyon at Anthem Entertainment/BMI. Supplemental lyrics were composed by Alex Ribble, founder of Big Chief Creative Media (BCCM) — the agency behind the ad.

Additional credits go to the ad’s Writer/Director Tyler Wolff, Director of Photography Keith Leman, Editor/VFX A.J. Rickert-Epstein, and Music Producer Gabe Foust.

Chino Valley Ranchers is no stranger to avant-garde advertising with comedic storylines. Its previous ad, “Special Delivery,” (also produced by BCCM), took highest honors in Season 2 of the 2022 MUSE Creative Awards. See the ad, here.  

Chino Valley’s Chris Nichols explained why he and his company have opted for an unconventional approach to marketing eggs. “As a family-owned business for three generations, we like to think of ourselves as a pretty fun group. We want our marketing to be fun too.”

See “Chicken Scratch” here: