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Personalizing Your Customer’s Automated Journey

It sounds like science fiction, putting personalization and automation together in the same sentence. But through marketing automation, companies can acquire the tools to design each customer’s journey in a way that is efficient and scalable, while also speaking to their individual preferences. Automation integrates software, cloud services, and other technology to simplify and automate processes that used to be done manually — with superior results.

We may live in the fast-paced, modern world, but we all still like to be acknowledged as individuals. For marketers, this poses a challenge, since making phone calls or composing personal emails are time-consuming tasks. Companies would have to employ a multitude to engage customers in this way. Marketing automation provides an elegant solution by scaling communication with clients and prospects in a personal way. And every marketing or sales professional will tell you that building personal relationships with prospects is the key to conversion.

In the past, sending bulk email and newsletters to a single database was the standard in email marketing. This process is inherently impersonal, since it treats everyone as if they wanted the same thing.  Rather than incentivizing a future purchase, the result is often consumer apathy and frustration. We are all inundated by unwanted information that jams our inboxes, and we are quick to send messages we see as valueless straight into the trash.

Marketing automation, on the other hand, allows marketers to send relevant messages to clients based on their behavior and actions. Every interaction is logged, and customers are automatically segmented according to their responses to your emails. The result is that customers receive information they actually want. The process differs from autoresponders by using a CRM (customer relationship management) system to create a detailed, ongoing profile about each contact, so that marketing campaigns are dynamic and on-point with current consumer preferences.

“Campaign Monitor” reported that automated marketing results in 86 percent higher open rates; a 196 percent increase in click-through rates; and drives 320 percent more revenue than normal promotional emails.

Marketing automation can also help companies recapture lost revenue from abandoned shopping carts. According to “HubSpot,” 57 percent of online consumers will abandon a site after only three seconds, and 80 percent of those consumers will never return. But automation makes it possible to send a personalized email that reminds and reengages an indecisive consumer, resulting in the recovery of revenue that would have been lost.

By designing automated journeys, marketers can walk with consumers step-by-step, giving them choices and responding to their changing behavior. Marketing automation gives marketers the tools to predetermine triggers that will set off an email sequence. These triggers may happen when someone subscribes to your list, purchases a product or service, or abandons a cart.

Here’s an example. Say you’re selling shoes. A customer places a pair of ladies size 8 heels into a cart and then leaves your site. Through automated marketing, you can reengage with your customer the next day, the next week, and so on, reminding them of that beautiful pair of shoes that is still available for purchase. Maybe you even want to offer a discount to entice them back.

Through automation, you can decide what triggers cause your sequence to start, how much time will elapse before the next step is engaged, and what actions to take. Do you want to send an email? Do you want to add the customer to a different workflow sequence, or perhaps invite them to participate in some other action?

Marketing automation includes an array of possibilities beyond emails. You can send text messages, social media updates, automated voicemails and physical mailers. Or, you can create referral and VIP programs, or events like webinars. The possibilities are always scalable and customizable to each consumer.

Through marketing automation, you can increase email open and click-through rates; improve lead qualification and customer retention; shorten your sales cycle; and increase sales conversion. These all translate to greater marketing efficacy, reduced marketing costs and increased value to your customers. A true win-win!

In the end, marketing automation provides marketers with a means of engaging more personally with existing and prospective customers, walking with them on a journey toward greater consumer satisfaction, while achieving higher company revenues.

BCCM uses the industry’s most powerful automated marketing platform to create journeys that acknowledge customers as individuals and keep them engaged with your brand. Ask us how we can help you establish more meaningful contact with your customers.